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Description of the Book:

"If God has been kind, help the Mankind" We all know that every child is born innocent, pure and filled with utmost divinity but unfortunately some of them gradually forget that innocence and that divinity in the course of growing up. When I was young at the age of 7, I realised that I have a blessing of expressing my feelings and thoughts in the form of poetry and that is when Dil Kii Awaaz was born. Dil Kii Awaaz is my initiative to keep Humanity alive, to keep Creativity going and to encourage Love and light in this world. If humans loose emotions, they are no more than robots, so my idea through Dil Kii Awaaz is to keep those sentiments alive through my self composed shayari, Motivational quotes, drawings and every soft skill that makes us human. It's very important to be connected to the real world, to the people and to nature in order to experience the full fledge human being you are. Dil Kii Awaaz is a way to understand your true spiritual nature and discover your full potential. It's about Education, Motivation and Positive approach towards everything that comes in our life. Follow your Dil Kii Awaaz because Life is too short to do anything else ❤️ -Shreeya Katyal Journalist, Author & Motivational Speaker For alot of Creative Content, let's connect on Facebook- Dil Kii Awaaz

Dil Kii Awaaz

  • Author Name: Shreeya Katyal
    About the Author: I believe that when we Inspire, we Evolve! In my quest to evolve spiritually, I began to pen down my feelings since the day life started hitting me hard. Whatever it was, Happiness or Sorrow, Highs or Lows, all that my heart felt, flowed through my eyes spilling on the paper which was meant to inspire the world. That is how I channelised my energies and a PHILOSOPHER, WRITER and a DIRECTOR who was residing inside me came to the forefront. The ability to think in terms of visuals is a blessing that gives a boost to my creativity. My power of pen gave me another strength of communicating my thoughts confidently to the masses and that is what makes me so comfortable on the stage while ANCHORING shows or INTERVIEWING people from different walks of life, High Commissioner of varied nations, Ambassadors and Diplomats of different countries, Politicians, Actors, Dancers, Singers and other Artists. Interacting with people and knowing them is my passion and that is what makes my profession as a JOURNALIST a cake walk for me. Also, as a RADIO JOCKEY, I tend to touch hearts with my Voice and sooth many souls. My purpose is to spread light wherever I go and impart happiness to every life I touch. May God keep on Blessing us with his magical powers and infinite strength.


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