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The "Diggity 21," embarks on a poetic life journey, to awaken the profound wisdom hidden within the readers' hearts. This exquisite collection of poems invites readers to explore the depths of human experience, nature, Food Science, and a few career technicals, and life lessons that resonate with the soul.
You may find yourself or a friend who might need this. Each poem is a tapestry of emotions, thoughts, knowledge, and reflections, woven together with lyrical finesse, and crafted to inspire, uplift, and provoke contemplation.
These are not just for fun but a lot of informative stuff for a lot of youngsters.
Since I am a Food technologist a lot of Food science stuff is expressed in poetic ways. The writings are intended to help the readers delve into themselves, touching on themes of life, spirituality, learning, courage, and inexhaustible capacity for growth.

Diggity 21

SKU: 9789358737769
  • Author's Name: Chirag Anandi

    About the Author: Chirag P. Anandi is a Food Technologist who is passionate about Food, music, and Spirituality. Chirag with a Master’s Degree in Food Biotechnology is a Seasoned Technologist in Food Quality, Product Development, Analytics, and Auditing. As a perfectionist and observer, Chirag unwraps a unique perspective to his work, often drawing inspiration from anyone and everyone. He is known for his moody and bold style of writing. He firmly believes in a high level of organization, integrity, excellence, and innovation at work and in life. When not a Food Technologist, he enjoys playing flute, solving the Rubix cube, and learning new technologies to feed the brain. Chirag’s work has been featured for the first time in the Bookleaf publications. He is passionate about contributing more to Food, Nutrition, Business, Innovation, and career growth. So, stay tuned! Connect with Chirag on LinkedIn to stay updated on his latest insights, and on Instagram for some mesmerizing flute. He welcomes connections and collaborations with fellow professionals and like-minded individuals.
    Book ISBN: 9789358737769
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