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Description of the Book:

This book comprises of 21 poems, each poem written everyday as part of a creative writing challenge. The poems in the book have been inspired by personal events and experiences of people around me which primarily revolve around love and other emotions such as anger, betrayal and hope. The book is intended to make the reader feel the author’s words as their own, his feelings, revelations and lessons as theirs. This book hopes the reader is able to embrace his emotions a little more than before, get in touch with his vulnerable side and confront his demons, just as the author did through his poems as a medium.

Dialect of a Hopeful Heart

  • Author Name: Nehal Sanjay
    About the Author: A heartbroken soul who found solace in writing poems, Nehal first started with poetry when mere words or actions weren't enough to describe the things he felt. His poems reflect his ideologies and approach towards love and life. An amateur writer who's not trained or aware of the literary styles in poetry, Nehal embarked on this experimental journey purely because his emotions needed an outlet. Nehal's poems reflect that. They may not follow a certain style, they may not adhere to the laws of poetry. What his poems manage to do, however, is make the reader feel the essence of his heart. For that is exactly what he intends to achieve. He hopes that his work will help others like him finally relate, come to terms with their overwhelming emotions and perhaps even encourage them to write as he did and understand themselves better.
    Book ISBN: 9785134342479


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