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Description of the Book:

The Arabic word 'Dhikr', also interchangeably used as 'Zikr' in Persian, meaning “remembrance,” or “recollection,” is one of the important aspects of Sufi Spirituality. Dhikr is a collection of thoughts scribbled hastily into notebooks over a span of 2 years. They are short excerpts from the writer's inside-the-head attempts at discovering the unknown. Ideas drawn from travels, mountains, oceans, forests, cities, people and subcultures. No classical rules of poetry have been applied to these 'poems'. Expect only a rough translation of thoughts, bits of conversation from dream states that have made their way into the physical. This collection is an attempt at "remembering" with written souvenirs.


  • Author Name: Fathima Shayek
    About the Author: As a kid, Fathima recalls covering bedroom walls with verses scribbled in ink. She wrote short stories and read them out loud to her family. In school, classmates appointed her to write love notes for them to give to their crushes. She sold her first pieces of poetry to a classmate in high school for a sum of ten rupees per poem. She was introduced to mystical poetry by the works of Rumi, Kabir, Rahim, Mirabai and William Blake, to name a few. Her work reflects the Sufi ideologies of reuniting with an 'eternal beloved' that can be interpreted as a personification of 'The Divine', 'Realization' or 'Awakening from A Dream'. Fathima bagged creative writing competitions through college and went on to a pursue a diploma in Storytelling and Writing for Film. She has worked as an English Editor, Proof Reader, Content Writer, Scriptwriter, Communications Trainer and volunteers as an English tutor.


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