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Dewdrops, Raindrops, Teardrops and Sun-drops! is an enchanting collection of poems by D. Akruti Desai. It is an endeavour to put down on paper various emotions experience by the writer at different stages in her life. Her kaleidoscope of words reflect the myriad hues of her journey so far. Over the past decade she has called four diverse cities in India, her home. Being easy to talk to and confide in coupled with her professional role of listening to troubles of her patients has helped her in trying to understand the human condition in its rawest form. Her poem on "Towering Expectations" addresses the weight of societal pressures, while some others tenderly capture the poignancy of farewells. She tries to unfold a narrative of compassion, growth and adaptation, akin to the evolving lexicon of one's existence. Now, back in her hometown, she has rediscovered the solace of familiar faces and rekindled connections with old friends. Her favourite themes are childhood and connections, which sculpt our thoughts, hopes, expectations and values. Each poem is a brushstroke on the canvas of life. With a delicate touch, the poet navigates the complexities of the human forebearance, inviting readers to immerse themselves in the poetic stories that define us all.

Dewdrops, Raindrops, Teardrops and Sun-drops!

SKU: 9789358314663
  • Author's Name: Akruti Desai

    About the Author: Akruti Desai is an eye plastic surgeon and ophthalmologist, whose life extends beyond the surgical suite into the realms of plants, poetry, art and introspection. Her creative spirit finds expression in the written word. Akruti's genuine interest and curiosity in the chronicles of those around her serves as the wellspring of inspiration for her poems. In quiet moments, her mind is sparked by the tales she absorbs from those souls who cross her path. In this book, she reflects the depth of emotions through the lens of poetry.
    Book ISBN: 9789358314663
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