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Description of the Book : 


This book is an anthology of poems written about Life. From those that you will meet and things you will experience. It has highs and lows like everything has; times when things are too short; when thoughts run wild; when it's peaceful and times when it's not. Take a deep breath and smell those roses.

Det Var Livet Jeg Drømte Om

  • Auhtor Name :  Anarky Taylor (Pen name)
    About the Author : I'm Anarky Taylor a South Australian author who grew up writing stories from the age of thirteen. It's always been something that I've loved, something that I could never live without, expressing ideas this way has been my favourite pastime, and I couldn't think of a better way to spend those hours late at night (other than sleeping) sitting in front of a laptop and waiting for my fingers to catch up with my brain.


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