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Desciption of the book

Between these twenty poems, stand the reasons why i keep wanting to escape, be it the people, be it the feelings, be it anything in this world. The poems, in this book, describe, what it feels like to, loose either in life or love, failure, doubting oneself, fail to recognize who you even are anymore, how you keep wanting to end it all. These poems, carry my 3 a.m. blues but also my 6 a.m. motivation.


  • Anushka singh
    Hello everyone, this is Anushka Singh, a 21 year old pursuing english majors from St. Xaviers college, Jaipur. I’ve had a keen interest in english since i was a kid. I also have this peculiar habit of using every new word i learn wherever i can. When i started to write this book, i just thought of writing something the people reading, can connect to easily. What inspires me to write is, the fact that ever since i was a kid, i couldn’t bring myself to express what i felt or thought to anyone. So i started to write it down, and gradually i started to love writing. Knowing how it feels, not being able to express oneself and to loose something over it, made me a considerable person to those who were the same as me. I hope this says, what you cannot say, louder than words. Instagram handle- @Annushkasinghh Twitter handle- @Anushkaa_singhh


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