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Description of the Book:


Words are strangely sweet and have always been deceitful.
They have a magical way of spreading out a believable reality, a storm into which one willingly surrenders.
"Desire" is my debut book of poems which speak of the nurturing and naughty thoughts. Words are the only helpers to my imagination, and in them I find my way, in them I find solace.


SKU: 9789360941796
  • Author's Name: Suhasini Srihari

    About the Author: I am an academic by profession, and I hold a PhD in English. Writing poetry has been second to my journey of learning. I treat this art with great reverence for I reckon the importance of 'touching words'. A little more about me could be summerised under these headings: artist, photographer, independent researcher and an ecocritic in training.
    Book ISBN: 9789360941796
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