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Denouement in French means the act of untying.
The readers have a front row seat as the poet goes through her process of 'denouement' - untying a mere handful, of the innumerable number of layers, that make us human. Journey to the the depths of despair as well as to the peaks of ecstasy in this highly intimate rendering of a human soul.

Denouement ... an unravelling

SKU: 9789360949471
  • Author's Name: Khushnam Wadia - Engineer

    About the Author: Meet Khushnam, a dedicated psychotherapist with a Masters in Psychological Counselling from Montfort College, Bangalore University. An alumna of St. Xavier's College, Mumbai, her passion for writing traces back to childhood, where she poured her emotions into poems on now-lost scraps of paper. In this collection, Khushnam shares fragments of her heart and soul, inviting readers into the evocative realm of her poetic expressions.
    Book ISBN: 9789360949471
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