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Description of the Book :


Deepwater Dive is a collection of poetry exploring several themes surrounding the thoughts and emotions of a self-discovering teenager, ranging from anxiety, fear, and helplessness to empowerment, hope, and self-acceptance. Intently thought-out and written, this book uniquely presents complicated feelings through powerful metaphors, evoking colourful and layered images in the mind of the reader.

deepwater dive - A Poetry Collection

  • Author Name : Srishti Rao
    About the Author : Srishti Rao is a teenager whose poetic journey began when she was 12. Since then, writing has been a crucial part of her life, allowing her to explore her thoughts and feelings in an emotionally and spiritually enriching way. She was a member of her elementary school poetry club, and is a co-founder of the McGivney Poetry Club at her high school. Apart from writing poetry, Srishti enjoys reading, singing, exploring new music, and engaging in meaningful conversation with her family and friends. Born in Connecticut, USA, raised in Ontario, Canada, and currently learning more about her Indian heritage, Srishti embraces both her Eastern and Western identities. Her long-term goal is to travel the world in the hopes of discovering not only some beautiful places, but also new inspirations for future writing projects; sharing the timeless beauty of poetry is a practice she will carry with her lifelong!
    Book ISBN : 9781005663278


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