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Description of the Book:


With its spellbinding aroma, profound symbolic meaning and the power to inspire sentiments of passion, devotion and serenity, lavender, epitomizes romance. Its ageless charm has captured hearts, making it a treasured representation of love and adoration. The fragrance of the lavender is enduring; there is something resilient about it which promises its longevity despite all odds.

The scent of lavender evokes memories of his radiant smile, a smile that serves as her beacon of light. She encountered him during a period of retreat from a world that had shattered her heart into countless fragments. A single look into his eyes initiated the process of healing. After a decade, suppressed pain welled up in those eyes, resonating with her very being. In that moment, she realized they were destined to journey together for a time. While she doesn't subscribe to the notion of eternity, her recollection of the soothing aroma of lavender remains everlasting.

The poems within this book strive to encapsulate her cherished moments of togetherness. Among them, some are tinged with skepticism, hesitation, and resentment, yet they hold significance as they contribute to shaping their narrative. One way or the other, the tale will conclude; a truth that cannot be denied. However, until that moment arrives, it must be embraced and lived to the fullest.

Dear Lavender

SKU: 9789360943158
  • Author's Name: Amrita Pattanaik

    About the Author: Picture a world where words danced like lovers under the moonlight, weaving verses of eternal love. That is my sanctuary. A sanctuary where each breath is a love letter to everything within and around. I am Amrita, a nomadic soul that indulges in poetry, healing, tarot and virology.
    Book ISBN: 9789360943158
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