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Description of the Book :


You are probably tired of hearing this already, but these are truly some unprecedented times. Through these times, everybody has had their own struggles and their own victories. Have a look through a new lens and notice how our problems are so different yet similar at the same time. Observe the beautifully juxtaposed subjects in life, the meaning of life, philosophical thoughts and other poetic subjects through my diary of 2021.

Dear Diary of '21 - Inside the mind of a quarantined 16 year old

  • Author's Name : Matthew Wu
    About the Author : The author, Matthew Wu is a student studying in Toronto, Canada. He enjoys poetry because to him, poetry is an outlet for his thoughts and at times can act like a therapist to clear his mind and sometimes discover new ideas. poetry allows him to both learn about himself and about the world which are both highly prevalent subjects in his life right now.
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