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Description of the Book:

This set of 21 poems is curated as a conversation between the author and her creativity. She personifies her inner creativity and engages with him, in order to truly understand him. To deconstruct the dynamics of her creative process. This brings up a lot of angst, confusion, hidden strength and sheer joy. Join the author in this talk where the inner creativity is being challenged, applauded, accused, humoured, nurtured and encouraged.

Dear Creativity

  • Author Name:  Suha Riyaz Khopatkar
    About the Author: Suha Riyaz Khopatkar is the author of Just Give Me Some Space, published in 2019. She is an architect, a writer and an illustrator certified in NonFiction Argumentative Writing and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. She is invested in encouraging attention to selfawareness, personal development, managing anxiety and a healthy mental wellbeing, especially in youngsters. She is currently pursuing to be an Arts Based Therapy Practitioner.
    Book ISBN:9781005867317


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