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Description of the Book :


It is a fun read on the 7 days of a week and the 12 months of a year. The reason why it is fun is because the days and months have been described through rhyming lines that will make for easy reading.

Days & Months

  • Author's Name :  Vineet Sinha
    About the Author :  I am very fond of writing poetry and although I do not like to blow my own trumpet, I feel making words rhyme is an innate ability in me. I have got a few books consisting of poems on different topics self-published and there are many more in the pipeline. I studied English Literature in college and did my Master's in Journalism and Mass Communication. I am passionate about reading and traveling as well. To earn a living, I work as Senior Content Writer with Virtual Employee Pvt. Ltd. in Noida. Writing and editing are my core skills and have allowed me to make a successful career out of my forte. Macmillan, Extramarks, Transweb, and more have been my past employers. I have fully enjoyed my journey so far and have high hopes from the future.
    Book ISBN :  9781005561222
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