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Description of the Book:

The idle mind may be the devil's workshop, but it is also the birthplace of some of the most intriguing thoughts. This book is a collection of the author's thoughts over a period of 20 days in the poetry format, the poems ranging from philosophical poems describing the author's views on the world, to quippy little limericks complaining about the mundane troubles in the author's life.

Daydreams: Philosophical Thoughts of an Idle Mind

  • Author's Name: Pond R. Atelier
    About the Author: Pond R. Atelier. Pond R., as in the word "ponder", and Atelier, which means "workshop"/"studio" , the nom de plume was chosen to mean "a workshop of thoughts". Currently a freshman in college, he is what one might call a "space cadet", spending most of his free time lost in thoughts. His hobbies are reading novels (usually of the fantasy genre), listening to music and drawing. He has a very deep love for stories, may they be short stories, long novels, folklore, movies, serialised shows, or in the form of music and poetry. His favourite genre of music being rock, he was deeply touched by the songs by the band Linkin Park, and was greatly saddened by the death of the band's lead vocalist, Chester Bennington, in the year 2017. The one thing he loathes the most is boredom, and his poems aim to drive it away, either by humourous amusement or by providing fuel for intriguing thoughts.
    Book ISBN: 9784037259525


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