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The title "Dawn at Midnight " was coined after observing the same at midnight because of the show of nature's lightning. I was pondering words for the title under the night sky but was unable to find it. Kanha served that angelic striking which gave me the idea for the title of my first book.

It is not a scholarly or any verbose book of poems; I am neither a trained poet nor philologist and I have no pretensions to being an erudite sonneteer either. It is the work of a layman who loves to explore life by perceiving the lifestyles of living.

Dawn at Midnight

SKU: 9781005613372
  • Author Name: Shataxi Shukla
    About the Author: Hello, it's shataxi Shukla, currently a lawyer. I wish to exercise my freedom of speech concerning the discourse of legality in my blog. Writes poems with metaphors to help people who want to renegade. I have shared my few life lessons of the past 23 years in this book.
    Book ISBN: 9781005613372


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