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Description of the book:

This Anthology is all about the poems which will light within you the essence of life. Various emotions like love , happiness, sadness, determination, memories and perseverance, beauty of soul, shadow - your true friend, reality of today and depiction, description of eyes, heart, mind and face on your today's life and the correlation of past with present and future is very beautifully presented here. This book truly will develop a new way towards your life with much more zeel and inner satisfaction with a reason to smile throughout your life.


  • Author Name: Pooja Jitendrakumar Thakor
    About the Author: Pooja Jitendrakumar Thakor is a final year Dental student with distinctive performance, a poet and an academic research paper publisher. She has received various acknowledgments for her poems till date. She has been a very bright student since her childhood days and has recieved various acknowledgments for the same. She has done various additional courses in dentistry. She has recieved appreciation of her various poems in many completions.She is very passionate about writing poems on various topics like life, love, world, truth, past, parents, family, fakeness, memories, perseverance, determination, goal, hope, eyes, light, darkness and many more. She has written more than 120 poems till date. She has published a research paper in dentistry with ongoing many more as of now. Her interest also includes writing various essays on moral values, social issues like gender inequality, modernization, vanishing concept of joint family and life today in comparison to yesterday and tomorrow.


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