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Description of the Book:

What do you expect from ‘a girl too sensitive’? “Date Depression Destiny” has poems that drips reality of today’s world. It is a compilation of emotions that we send out to the universe every day. It will cringe your heart to know that truth of our mental health, truth of our mental health, our love for nature, run like blood through all the pages of this book. A reflection of our mental state and urge to step out and breath freely has been mirrored in this book! It is words to the feeling of each one of us!

Date Depression Destiny

  • Author Name: Nivedita Giri
    About the Author: 
    Nivedita Giri, a holder of master’s degree in law, grew up in Ranchi, where she lived for 19 years. She then moved to the ‘Abode of Drona’, Dehradun to pursue her BA LLB. Six years back, here first job brought her to the city she loves, Pune where she works as Tax Analyst currently! She believes there is no better therapist than Time and Nature and finds her solace in the mountains. She mentions her superpower as a writer is her keen observation, intuitive mind, and a sensitive heart. Her passion for oratory during her school days inspired her to write content she believed in. She aspires to be known as ‘a writer that touches heart.


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