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Description of the Book:

The book begins with a conversation between a soul and the Sun, where a decision is made for it to travel on Earth and meet its destiny. As the soul travels on Earth, it encounters challenges and blessings. It returns back to Mother Earth when it has finished all tasks assigned to it on the physical plane.

Dark Side of Love explores themes of incarnation, divine timing, purpose, enlightenment, karma and love.

Dark Side of Love

  • Author Name: J Nishtha
    About the Author: JNishtha, who has been a journalist with Hindustan Times and Dainik Bhaskar, has finished her graduation at Sophia College for Women, Mumbai. She then completed a postgraduate diploma in Mass Communication from Xavier Institute of Communication (XIC), Mumbai. She's currently a fellow for Teach for India working in a government school in Bangalore. Being with kids has inspired her to write poems, novels and short stories for the collective. Most of her work draws from her personal experiences, and is told through the lens of spirituality.
    Book ISBN: 9789125716577


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