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Description of the Book :


This is a journey of surviving a dismal world with the blood of poetry running through my veins this is a sample of the disaster I often call my creativity - but is actually my mind scratching the surface of emotions it is my soul you are holding the beating of my heart along with all the hurt all the heartbreak all the misery all the loving and all the forgiving I had to do in order to heal.

Dark Lines From Dark Times

  • Author Name : S.J.
    About the Author : S.J. is an up and coming poet. She loves composing poetry for the world to be able to connect with and find themselves or to heal from past scars. She got her love of poetry from her late Grandfather, and her love of writing from her Father. She started writing poetry at 16 and has no intention of stopping. Poetry is her passion. She was born in Seattle, Washington, and now currently resides in Columbia, South Carolina.
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