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Description of the Book:


The poems within this book express common threads found within the human experience, thoughts and emotions. The hope is that after reading this book, these moments and feelings are captured and felt by whomever can relate to a word, a phrase, a poem or two.

Dancing into Shadows and Light

SKU: 9789360945466
  • Author's Name: Jocelyn Flojo

    About the Author: Jocelyn R. Flojo, resides in Illinois, where she grew up in the suburban shadows of Chicago. Themes of her poems are the commonalities of human experiences and emotions. Following a motto that life should be lived, she enjoys traveling, attending concerts, visiting museums, reading and being a life-long learner to keep life interesting and fun. An introvert at heart, she’ll open up if you talk to her about music, bands, pop culture, the arts or debate if ketchup belongs on a hot dog (which she says it does).
    Book ISBN: 9789360945466
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