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Description of the Book:


In a poetry book about life's myriad experiences, it will share verses that stir your heart's defenses. From the rising sun to the depths of the night, it will paint with words in the softest moonlight. Each page a canvas, every word a hue, it will try and capture the essence of joy and rue. The laughter, the tears, the hopes and fears, in the lines of the poems, they will all appear sprawled throughout.

It will describe the taste of the morning dew, the scent of rain when the sky turns blue, the thrill of love's first sweet embrace, and the bittersweet ache of a distant place. It will explore the seasons and changing tides, the secrets that the universe confides in the stars. The beauty in imperfections, the strength in flaws, in the poetry, it will try to find life's hidden applause.

With rhythm and rhyme, it will take you on a ride, through life's ups and downs, we shall walk side by side. In the verses of this book, you shall find solace and cheer, for life's myriad experiences, that we all hold dear.


SKU: 9789358319743
  • Author's Name: ANAGHA KHAMITKAR

    About the Author: As an architect, I design structures that blend form and function, i have a passion for creating spaces, that's been a lifelong conjunction. I'm not just about bricks and mortar; I envision a story, where each building's a poem, each space a category. In the realm of design, my creativity takes flight, while seeking balance and harmony. I let my imagination roam, innovating and inventing, turning houses into homes. With a poet's heart, I pen verses with care, weaving words like threads in the tapestry of air. Each line, a brushstroke on the canvas of my mind, i try creating lyrical landscapes, one verse at a time. Passion fuels my journey, ignites the creative fire, I'm an architect-poet, driven by a burning desire. To craft spaces that inspire and verses that move, in the world of art and words, it's a musicality that I try to make groove.
    Book ISBN: 9789358319743
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