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Description of the Book:

A daisy symbolizes hope and new beginnings, and this book aspires to do the same.
A vibrant rollercoaster of emotions, Daisy is a poetry book taking you on a journey of heartbreak, selflove, hope and growth. Each page in this book, hopes to give you the feeling of curling up in a blanket by the fireplace, in a cold winter night. Written by an ambitious teenager, this book looks to express the words that get hitched in our throats.


  • Author Name: Supriyaa Hejib
    About the Author: "Words bear the weight my shoulders cannot." Supriyaa Hejib is a high school student, who was born in India and brought up in the Middle East. When she isn't reading a book, you'll find her sitting at the desk staring at a blank paper until the inspiration finally hits and words begin stringing together into what is considered, poetry. She wants to study Literature and Creative Writing in her future, and hopes this is the first step towards achieving her dreams.
    Book ISBN: 9783572995226


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