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Description of the Book:

Dainty Compositions is a collection of twenty-first century romantic poetry. The collection is organised around the theme of celebration of the joy and value of life, concentrated on the beauty of nature, and the power of women. With a total of twenty poems it provides its reader with plenty of creative works to read, give thought, and ultimately find joy in.

Dainty Compositions: A Collection of Twenty-First Century Romantic Poetry

  • Author Name: Julia Mylène
    About the Author: Julia Mylène Rave, who goes by the penname of Julia Mylène, has a passion for literature and writing. She started writing poetry at the age of fourteen, and has written ever since. She is a student of English Language and Culture who has always had a creative spirit. She is the author of Dainty Compositions, a collection of twenty-first century romantic poetry.


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