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Description of the Book:


Every poem in this book is tummy tickling.

In some poems characters are trying to be human beings by talking. All these characters come to life, they enjoy themselves and reveal their mind as to how they would want to live. The poems have a twist in them to make them a light read.

Some talk about the things that we don't regularly notice but children love to play with.

The poems are relatable and will fascinate all preteen girls & boys.

I hope you enjoy!!!

Cute Paws Funny Paws

SKU: 9789358319439
  • Author's Name: Sabia Taneja

    About the Author: Sabia Taneja is a Grade 4 student at Shiv Nadar School Faridabad. She was four years old when she started the journey of reading. She is an avid reader and has a special fascination for Poems. Poems take her to the flights of fantasy with vivid articulation and rhyming. So she wanted poems to be as popular as stories. Putting her own humor & twist in them, at the young age of 8, she started to write them for fun. Everyone who read Sabia’s poems was impressed with her exceptional talent. Soon she had her room overflowing with papers scribbled with random poems. Her poems reflect what and how an 8 year old child views things around her. So every child will truly relate to the funny n easy going poems. Now, at 9, Sabia’s first book of poems is being published and that starts her journey as an Author. There will surely be more on the way! Enjoyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Book ISBN: 9789358319439
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