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Description of the Book:

In the "Cry of a Crumbled Corazon", the author has captured her darkest emotions that she had to deal with during her times of dismay. She believes, every single person will be able to relate to the closest, if not the fullest, in every possible way.

Cry of a crumbled corazón

SKU: 9781005381974
  • Author Name: Karen Winona
    About the Author: Karen Winona completed her bachelors in Biomedical Engineering. She has her passion deeply rooted in art and fashion. Wherefore, she spends most of her time in creating art and occasionally puts them on sale for the people to buy. Apart from that, she enjoys burying herself into the book land. In short, brushes and books are her source of survival.
    Book ISBN: 9781005381974


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