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Description of the Book:


"Cosmic Evanescence" is a collection of poems examining on tragedy, nostalgia, love, joy, and regret. It explores the beauty that exists in all moments, and the impermanence and imperfection of our own lives. Poet Colin Martin probes the intimacy of his own past aside broader shared truths in this collection of succinct, spare poems that reflect on the universal experiences that bind us all.

    Cosmic Evanescence

    SKU: 9789357441216
    • Author's Name: Colin Martin
      About the Author: Colin Martin is a writer, composer, and pianist from Albuquerque, New Mexico. His writing and music reflects on his own life experiences, as well as themes of love, nostalgia, tragedy, heroism, and impermanence. This is his first collection of poetry. @colinmartinmusic

      Book ISBN: 9789357441216

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