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Description of the Book:

Seek your reflection in the spiral, cherish the war and reach for the annihilation within. 

Corrosive Embellishment

SKU: 9781005246938
  • Author Name: Abhingam Majumdar
    About the Author: Hailing from Ahmedabad, Abhingam Majumdar is oft eluded by accomplishment or acknowledgment, but ostensibly cares for neither as butter chicken provides him with ample solace. Having started his journey in writing poems as an angst-ridden teenager, Abhingam has since managed to finagle his way into bagging a bachelor's in Literature but is yet to figure out the meaning of his name. It might as well have no meaning, but he's determined to eventually lend it one in due time. When he's not watching dog/cat videos or laughing at random memes, you can find him shouting at the screen while losing his mind to losing on FIFA for the umpteenth time and doing his best Corpsegrinder impression.
    Book ISBN: 9781005246938



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