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Description of the Book :


Ella Yasmine’s cope is a collection of poems and prose written to cope with anxiety, forbidden desires, and stubborn memories. On her transition to adulthood, she lays out her fears and passions in the form of colourful narratives, metaphors, and simple anecdotes. The stories she shares are raw and vulnerable, from her vivid dreams to her love-hate relationship with reality. In her debut book, Yasmine highlights the beauty in the mundane, along with the hope that can come from embracing it.


  • Author Name : Mariella Quintia
    About the Author : Born and raised in Brampton, Canada, Ella Yasmine began writing poetry in high school after entering a creative writing course. In 2018, her teacher inspired her to participate in Polar Expressions Publishing’s National Student Poetry Contest, earning her her first contribution in a published work. Writing poetry is one of her many passions, including but not limited to, trial-and-error baking, reading contemporary romance novels, and listening to K-pop. cope is Ella’s first poetry book.
    Book ISBN : 9780463650158


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