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Description of the book


Our true self stays hidden from all, but from one entity, The only entity to whom we reveal our naked souls in Through endless conversations with it, this entity becomes

all its entirety.

the bare foundation of our identity,

An entity we modestly call, our conscience.

This book here encompasses 20 such conversations neatly swaddled and presented as poems. Poems of a memory, of a feeling, of a thought, of

emotions, and of love. Poems as random as the conversations I have with my conscience. Random yet profoundly prominent to my existence.

Conversations with my Conscience

  • Author's Name: Brendon Martin Lazar
    About the Author: Brendon Martin Lazar is a seemingly sane person even though he claims to have "conversations" with his conscience. He, like many others, finds peace in writing, and continues to do so to escape from the reality of life. This is his first book, and hopefully not the last, or even the best of two; he wants to write at least three books. To tell him about the good parts of the book you can contact him through his instagram @soliloquies_in_ink.


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