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Description of the Book:

Mental illness to heartbreak, grief and loss to sibling relationships, self-perception and love... A collection of poems all connected by a single strand--their presence in the life of the author.

Constellation : Pieces of Me

SKU: 9781005230388
  • Author's Name: Emma Hanks
    About the Author: Emma Hanks was born and raised in Durham, Ontario, where she often played soccer in the mud or watched seagulls fight over french-fries. Her hometown of Newcastle provided her with the mixture of city exposure and country life, which she enjoyed alongside her family and friends, who have always supported her passion for writing despite her never shutting up about it. Currently a student at Trent University, she studies Psychology and English Literature, specifically focusing on creative writing when she's not busy writing endless lab reports and analysis essays. Emma lives with her dad, younger sister, and oversized lapdog, Bauer, who keeps her company on nights she writes in the living room into hours way too late to be healthy.
    Book ISBN: 9781005230388


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