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Description of the Book :


This book "Congenial Musings" is a collection of poems inspired by daily life events and experiences. Written in simple words, any layman can easily understand and relate to the poems. It revolves around the overall feelings of very usual life and incidents which occurs in almost everyone's life at a point of time. Some realizations which you have as you grow up and a whole lot of emotions. It aims to give you a homely feel and make you wonder "Yes I feel that too!!" Bonne Lecture !!!

Congenial Musings

  • Author's Name :  Omesha Jha
    About the Author :  I am a 17 yrs. old girl studying in 12th grade with a keen interest in literature and writing. I believe in viewing the world through rose coloured glasses. I love to observe nature and spend time with my loved ones. Writing helps me escape from the everyday world and allows me to express myself to the fullest.
    Book ISBN :  9781005006679
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