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Description of the Book :


In Confetti Spring, Sarah A. Hughes celebrates the seasons in a collection of poetry and short prose on what happens in the ground when you think you’re planted. The images follow a move to the South from California, and confront what was rumored to be expected. Leaning heavily on an escape to nature, the poetry challenges a myth of status quo that claims that one can’t do fine if they choose a different path. It’s written in light of enduring expectations that overshadow life, both during a pandemic and before. Set against a backdrop of careers where people aren’t treated as equal contributors, with a burgeoning social media cult of “new normal” materializing, this collection asks how one should exist when a lack of integrity seems commonplace. Written in a variety of forms and free verse, it is a look at common experiences and personal memoir through poetry. Exploring themes of freedom and authenticity, the poems consider if one can be free if they do not first free the observer in their soul. Surrounded by new flowers, Confetti Spring considers what happens if a rollercoaster is abandoned.

Confetti Spring : A Collection of Poems and Short Prose

  • Author's Name : Sarah Hughes
    About the Author : Sarah Hughes is a writer among other things living in Clarksville, TN. There she drives her fiancé crazy by growing ~60 varieties of plants, and then feeding him some. She grew up in Poway, “the city in the country” near San Diego, CA. Sarah holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in Literature, with a Writing Emphasis, from California State University, San Marcos. She also holds Associates of Arts degrees in English and French. She has obtained additional Certificates in French, Grant Writing, Technical Writing, and Scrum Master methodologies. She has been published in the CSUSM Cougar Chronicle and frequently writes for her blog She is experienced in the biotech medical device industry and dabbles in JavaScript, HTML and Ruby coding languages. When she is not participating in traditional paths like career and academics, she is enriching her life through using her hands and body for purposes such as sewing, miniature crafting, and dance.
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