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Description of the Book :


This poetry book is a collection of sweet poems about everyday occurrences, while including a handful of sour poems for a balanced diet - giving you the good and the bad. It reflects on the most recent good times and last years’ problems. This is my collection of self-reflections and taking a moment to appreciate the here and now. My hope is to instill a belief that things do get better, that the storm doesn't last forever. Majority of these poems highlight nature and appreciate all this Earth has to give. Welcome to my world.

Coming Home

  • Author's Name :  Samantha Wood-Gaines
    About the Author :  Say hello to Samantha Wood-Gaines. Originally born in London, Ontario, the now Vancouver based writer is excited to share this collection of poems with you all. Samantha is a University of Victoria Alumni that started her own graphic design business (SW Creations) after completing her BA. She graduated with a major in sociology and minored in technology and society. Samantha loves expressing herself through all kinds of art forms. She has been writing short stories since she could hold a pencil and always loved poetry segments in English class as it allowed her to be her most creative self. In the sixth grade, the soon to be published author would write lyrics and songs at recess while the other kids played. She loves to play the piano and the ukulele (as well as the few guitar chords she can muster). She loves to laugh and have fun with friends and family. She enjoys long walks admiring nature with her partner and their dog, and soaking up the summer sun.
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