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Description of the Book :


Written over just twenty days, Comedown from the Coast is collection of poetry by James F. Poltergeist. The collection examines his experience of leaving the bogan metropolis of the Central Coast and relocating to Sydney. With a combination of playful absurdity and bitter angst, Poltergeist looks on with bewilderment at his own childhood, hometown and the escape plan that took twenty years to hatch. 

Comedown from the Coast

  • Author's Name : James F. Poltergeist

    About the Author : James F. Poltergeist is a humanoid shadow. The whisper of a trickster spirit. Hidden in ancient, ivory halls, unlocking all the windows and doors, letting all the breeze in.

    Or, perhaps, simply the odd pen name of a begrudgingly human aspiring novelist, essayist, and poet, who survived the trauma and humiliation of his childhood and is learning to fall in love with the world again.

    Like a thousand lost maniacs and marvels before him.

    Poltergeist lives on Gadigal Country. This place was, is and will always be Aboriginal land.

    Sovereignty never ceded: the resistance never ceased.

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