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Descriptioon of the Book :


Due to an ongoing and increased number of University/College graduate with inadequate qualities for employment (self-employments or being employed), there is a demand of creating awareness to college students and the upcoming students on the available opportunities, that will impact them with the qualities which are scarce but yet demanded by the world employment market.
This book provides students with the necessary information on how to explore and execute the available opportunities at College, therefore reducing the number of unemployed graduates, by awakening their problem solving capabilities and empowering them with the potential qualities for self-employment and employability skills while at College.

College And Life Opportunities

  • Author name : Roman S.M
    About the Author : He is a graduate from a medical University, working in the field of medicines in a health training institution, medical devices since 2013 and using his extra hours in educating the current and upcoming professionals on how to seek, make and execute opportunities related to career and profession.


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