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The codex in cause has been interpreted in various ways, but the methods have no fixed, logical meanings. I, as historian and poet, I had the privilege of meeting with the former Romanian cultural adviser at the Romanian Embassy in the People`s Republic of China, from 1994 to 1996, Mr. Ion Gheorghe, who has discovered a prehistoric civilization at the hillside of Istrita, in Buzau county, in Romania. He has discovered more than 1000 prehistoric statues, and has deciphered the Dacian money. In these pieces there are inscriptions in Protolatin which reveals itself at the tangency of solar light and being dependent on the watcher`s position. Codex Rohonczy, if i am applying this method, acts in the same manner. This is a mathematical technique, as states mr. Ion Gheorghe. My inscriptions are hymns dedicated to primordial man, Adam-Purusha, and to the Great Mother of the Earth. There are, in this inscriptions, initiatic orders of the our ancestors, encrypted in poetical forms. The words have links between them, and they are taking the form of clusters, “lexical cases”, as indicates Ion Gheorghe`s expression. By testing the paper of the codex to solar light and to watcher`s position, we obtain sequences of poems. Finally, as Ion Gheorghe states, the expressions must be red from left to right and from right to left. This is the boustrophedon manner. There is another tehnique, the “breva verba”, as states Ion Gheorghe, the words obtained have the beginning and the end shortened. The script that appears in the codex corpus represents ”selabes labiles”, changing syllables, as states Ion Gheorghe, pointing his discoveries. I have chosen a dozen of pages from the codex and I have applied these methods, obtaining the results in this book.

Codex Rohonczy

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