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Description of the Book:

This book is a collection of poems written with absolute love for poetry and literature.

This book is truly a COCKTAIL of the emotions we feel in our everyday lives ,striking a deep meaning .

Hope it brings a smile on the readers' face.

The true success of this book is when the readers feel like having a connection to the lines written.

Are u ready for a rip roaring ride?
Happy reading

COCKTAIL - Poems for your soul

  • Author Name: Dr.Swathy Elangovan
    About the Author: A doctor by profession. An author by passion. One who firmly believes that writing brings peace and happiness. Also a singer and an orator. Has been a co author to medical articles and poetry anthologies. I consider my life's mantra to be , we can be anything we want to be provided we work hard with sincerity. Waiting to break barriers and shattering the glass ceilings . I like bringing out the best in people and motivating them. A huge supporter of womens' empowerment. A person who wants to motivate women of the globe and make them achieve the purpose of their lives. I take my inspiration from Michele Obama , Priyanka Chopra ,Indra Nooyi ,Sheryl Sandberg ..and there are a lot more I would like to mention ..but I think I need a separate book for that.Haha Always an enthusiastic learner.A best outgoing student from school , an all rounder. A human who speaks her heart out ,straight forward ,truthful and bold. I take immense pride in contributing to this very first book of mine as an author. Hope the world enjoys my writings! Looking forward to a future full of hope.!
    Book ISBN: 9782492729768


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