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Description of the Book:


Reverie. . . Centaury. . .
Dolphins and whales. . .
Ickle icicle hearts. . .

Clustered is a set of 21 poems that have no recurring theme that ties them all together. It is as it's designed to be: random. This is a free-standing set that follows a timeline descension, from the author's latest poem to her very first one. Therefore, open whatever page and find a verse that holds you captive.


SKU: 9789360945220
  • Author's Name: Shay B

    About the Author: Shay lives vicariously through books and loves the escapism they provide. She is a thinker of dreams and a dreamer of thoughts, who always wonders what to write next because her ideas are too big and the time she has too little. She's in love with literature, and however long the road is, she hopes to reach a day when she can make it happen with other readers too.
    Book ISBN: 9789360945220
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