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Description of the Book:

The journey of living life through poetry.
This is the book with the feelings of happiness, angst, fear and hope penned down.
This book is my heart, my feelings and my thoughts. And here I am sharing all this with you.

Clumsy Rainbow

  • Author Name: Kriti Bhardwaj
    About the Author:  Kriti Bhardwaj is a Web Analyst, Chemical Engineer, parttime table tennis player and fulltime artist by heart. She began writing these snippets of poetry in college and has continued penning down her thoughts ever since. She does her best writing at night or when alone with her thoughts. Kriti loves to read, doodle, travel, play the guitar and watch Sitcoms. Apart from writing, Kriti is passionate about food and what shows to watch next. Clumsy Rainbow is her first book. You can visit her online on Instagram (@k.r.i.t.i.b) or Twitter (@kritibhardwaj96).
    Book ISBN: 9785108458083


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