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Description of the Book:


This poetry collection was originally meant to be ergodic, in that it held barely decipherable secrets. Over the course of writing this, however, dedicating this book to my husband became impossible. Let us all collectively hold hands and jump into the hope that these are the last poems I ever write about a man.

For your enjoyment, I have also created a playlist to listen to after you are done reading this book, titled Citrus Stains on Spotify.

Citrus Stains

SKU: 9789360949006
  • Author's Name: Ivy Lemon Haycox

    About the Author: Ivy Lemon Haycox spends her days with her two children, painting, crafting, and writing silly little poems. She lives in a rather well-decorated, heart-shaped bush and is on a first name basis with many scorpions in the state of New Mexico. This year, she hopes to start befriending more local aphids.
    Book ISBN: 9789360949006
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