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Description of the Book:


butterflies, it's often described as the fluttering feeling in one’s stomach when looking at their crush. an innocent spark of sentiment that colors the beginning of romance in vivid hues and child-like excitement. but what about the rest, when butterflies are too delicate of a descriptor, the rose-tinted glasses fade to dull reality, and love is now a tangled and aching thing. that would be cicadas in the belly. insects that buzz loudly and bang wildly against their surroundings, just like the capricious emotions of the heart. this poetry book explores the raw reality of love, sexuality, the violence that intermingles the two, and the intricate connections we all have with other humans. told through the lens of a queer, female, lovesick poet.

cicadas in the belly

SKU: 9789360946579
  • Author's Name: Jessicamarie Wermes

    About the Author: Jessicamare is a queer poet, who has been writing for as long as she can remember, whether it be short stories, song lyrics or poetry. As a person who feels very deeply, writing has always been her favorite way to express herself. She hopes that her written words can inspire and comfort others, so that readers may feel a little less alone. Cicadas in the Belly is her debut book though she has preformed several of her works at slam poetry events and open mic nights. Jessicamaire lives in Illinois with her pet snake, Ouroboros, and dog, Candy.
    Book ISBN: 9789360946579
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