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Description of the Book :


The poetic expressions within this book all follow a theme of stimuli for entering a transformation “chrysalis” stage, discussing emotions and situations that may influence the need to go within. From bouts of heartache, disappointment from loss of self and even love that inspires us; this artistic piece is shared to express situations that seek to inspire or encourage the reader to go within. Each piece was written to capture various points of views - male, female, the wronged, the accused. Each piece carries its own burdens and gains but all seek to provoke within the reader some sense of resonance for reflection.


SKU: 9789358362145
  • Author's Name : Julia Alfred 
    About the Author : Julia Alfred, was born in the USA, raised in Georgetown, Guyana and moved to Canada after completing her Bachelors in Computer Science at the University of Guyana. Her love for literature and other creative arts has been the core of her being for the entirety of her life and it has always been a dream to share with the world the magic that lives within. She is currently an active writer for the platform Vocal with Chrysalis being her first published work. Find more of Julia’s literary contributions via
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