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Description of the Book :


How do you close the gap between two languages? Is it better to just speak one? And when we don't completely identify with either, what are we left with?

From watching English bicker with Cantonese to pondering over groceries, chingllish is an exploration of the bilingual experience. Written in an innovative fusion of English, Cantonese, and other languages, the collection pushes the boundaries of where a language stops, and another one begins.


  • Author Name : Jess Yung
    About the Author : Jess Yung was born in Hong Kong and is currently doing a BA in English and Creative Writing at the University of Birmingham. She usually writes short stories and flash fiction, with her work focusing on themes of identity, growth and love. When not relaxing in her bedroom or cafe-hopping with friends, you can find Jess partaking in the local Birmingham theatre scene. Chingllish is Jess' first poetry collection.
    Book ISBN : 9783648275160


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