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Description of the Book :


This book is an anthology of poetry written from the blood of the author's heart. It touches upon the vivid and dynamic experience of being human, the joy, the pain, the expression of existence. It taps into your inner child and screams out all that we feel deep within, but somehow never really say.

Children of Music - (Listen for the rhythm)

  • Author's Name :  Rohini Raja
    About the Author :  Rohini Raja is a writer and a performer. She has worked professionally since she was 6 years old as a vocalist, voice over artist, actor, assistant writer, improv teacher in films and theatre in Bombay. She currently works as a content creator and brand strategist at The Glitch, Mumbai. In her free time she loves to drink tea, gaze out of windows woefully and sing like characters from Broadway musicals.
    Book ISBN :  9780463910962
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