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Description of the book:

These poems are the scattered pieces of the mind that kept on weaving words while thinking about the chaos we have to witness on daily basis. A chaos that we call life. These poems address different issues but they are connected with one thought i.e. chaos. Chaos of being a woman. Chaos of loving another being. Chaos of struggling to live. You'd find at least one poem that you'd end up calling your life story. A lot can be written about these poems. But we would suggest you to read it in poet's own verses.


  • Author Name: Shahana Khatoon
    About the Author: A weaver of words, Shahana Khatoon is a postgraduate in English Literature from Jawaharlal Nehru University. She has been published in various magazines and websites. A curiouser by nature, Shahana believes nothing is more cathartic than the art of reading and writing. You can find her at


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