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Description of the Book:


A book of poetry inspired by life experiences and situations that have evoked emotional energy of all levels.

Changing the Energy

SKU: 9789358310085
  • Author's Name: Cate Pickup

    About the Author: Cate Pickup is an up and coming writer from Bristol, CT. She grew up in a small town in Vermont on Harvey’s Lake where she was first inspired to write poetry. The picturesque surroundings and peacefulness of the nature around her provided the perfect scenario to tap into her creative side. When Cate isn’t writing in her spare time, she is a full time IT developer. If she isn’t working, Cate loves spending time with her blended family, which includes her husband, two sons, two stepsons and stepdaughter. She also enjoys reading, volunteering and going back to her hometown of West Barnet, VT. Cate’s writing is a reflection of her outlook on life that has been shaped by her many experiences. She hopes to provide motivation for others with her poetry. She also draws inspiration from nature and those who have inspired her. Cate has had a wonderful support system and hopes to pass that encouragement on to others through her writing.
    Book ISBN: 9789358310085
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