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Description of the Book :


Champagne Problems ; a term used to describe someone who on the outside, looks perfect, plays the part and has everything they have ever wanted. But it's nothing they'll ever need. Follow along through a collection of short stories and excerpts that embody this definition and shed light upon mental health awareness as well as coping mechanisms. Through each story you will dive deeper into my world and view all the different things that go on behind the scenes of our oh so perfect life.

Champagne Problems - A Collection of Short Stories and Excerpts

  • Author Name :  E.L.F
    About the Author :  E.L.F is a Canadian author who has had a love for reading and writing from a very young age. Graduating from McMaster University with a B.A in English Literature, this is the first of many publications! Attending teacher's college, she hopes to inspire the future generations to write stories and share their imagination with the world.
    Book ISBN :  9780463995129


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