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Description of the Book:


"CHAl" is the Hebrew word for Life.
It's true, life encompasses a spectrum of experiences, from highs to lows, from joy to sorrow, from attachment to detachment, from connections to separations. Life's beauty lies in its diversity of experiences and its resilience in moving forward despite challenges.
This book is about exploring life journey and experiences, whether personal or through the lens of others, touching on the diverse range of emotions and situations that shape our lives.
"L'Chaim" indeed - "to life" - in all its complexity and beauty.

Chai (खाय)

SKU: 9789363317482
  • Author's Name: Celina Elisheba

    About the Author: Celina's journey, from her Mumbai upbringing to her accomplished 20-year career as a flight attendant, is captivating.She is a creative person exploring the world through the lens of imagination. Her boundless curiosity and innovative spirit, inspire others to see the world in fresh, vibrant ways.Celina's passion for poetry, ignited in 2001, serves as a profound outlet for her emotions. Despite not being a trained writer, Celina's raw and authentic expression resonates universally with readers, connecting them to shared human experiences and emotions.
    Book ISBN: 9789363317482
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