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Description of the Book :


This book consists of twenty poetries, some of them are based on the true incidents in the life of author and yes girls relate to it . A Catharsis is an emotional release.This emotional release is linked to our unconcious conflicts which cause a feeling of frustration and tension. At a certain point of time , it feels like if there is much emotion and turmoil that it becomes overwhelming. There comes the time , when you wanna explode your thoughts whats goin' on in your mind and the best way to express it is pen down yours ideas.

"CATHARSIS" - The Collection of Poetries

SKU: 9781005846770
  • Author's Name :  Rabia Nishat
    About the Author :  Rabia Nishat born in 05-feb-1999, recently done pg in Literature from Bhadarwah Campus (University of Jammu)currently working as coauthor and compiler, i belong to a family of seven members- Raj Mohammad(Grandfather) retired lineman , Naseema Begum (Grandmother) ,father Ashiq Hussain (Electrician Inspector), mother Nisha begum(AWW) i have two younger brothers currently studying, my interest in writing started during i was in college, writing is my comfort zone and it gives me pleasure and escape from reality, I aspire to become professor, m the coauthor of almost five anthologies till now !
    Book ISBN :  9781005846770
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